Daybreak (Meet Me On The Shoreline)

Who can walk the endless road
is the ocean there at all?
familiarity is what you seek
it’s all you need to fall


Sometimes life surprises you
you are caught on the way down
you know the endless ocean
you are unafraid to drown
And you’ve seen this place before,
this endless shoreline
you’ve spent your time
you’ve broken, now you’re fine
There are footsteps in the sand;
they look like scars
reflecting in the ocean
like a thousand glittering stars.
Lessons learned, noble troubador
you need not dive in here at all
but the endless is not so empty
you need not fear to fall
So wander, pilgrim, take your step
away from paths well tread
upon this endless shore once more
you’ll rest your weary head
You know by now what you must do
at last you’re unafraid to fail
take comfort in the hopeful sight
that on the ocean, there’s a sail.


~ by The AKH on 20 October, 2010.

6 Responses to “Daybreak (Meet Me On The Shoreline)”

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  2. endless ocean,
    fear no more…

    love your words of wisdom,
    your way of viewing the world is cool…

  3. your words echo a reality.. I especially loved the rhyme, not so often seen nowadays..


  4. wow! this is hope in its purest form :) I like

  5. A lovely musing– nicely written!

  6. Compelling writing, it really painted a picture for me.

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